The prophetic theme for this month is “MY STAR IS RISING” – – 2 Cor. 3:18

COVENANT HOUR OF PRAYER: This holds in the church hall on Mondays to Fridays from 6am to 7am, and on Saturdays at 10am for all church members.

MIDWEEK SERVICE: This holds on Wednesday 29th of January with Teaching and Communion Service. We shall be waiting on the Lord in fasting and prayer and gather here in the evening to break our fast with the communion.  Time is 7pm.

WINNERS SATELLITE FELLOWSHIP (WSF): Our WSF meeting holds every Saturday from 5pm to 6pm. Every Winner must belong to a WSF centre. Please locate your nearest centre here.

WEEK OF SPIRITUAL EMPHASIS (WOSE): This holds on Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th of February with Teaching and Communion Service and concludes on Friday 7th with Breakthrough Night Service. We shall be waiting on the Lord in fasting and prayer and gather here in the evening to break our fast with the communion. Time is 7pm.

CALLING FOR NEW LOCATIONS IN PURSUIT OF 2020 CHURCH PLANTING MANDATE! The Church is calling for members who want this church planted in their towns or villages to indicate by filling out the new church planting location forms made available on our website or by the ushers.
At the same time, those who have properties either for the church or pastoral residence, are also to indicate so on the same form.

MEMBERS FOLLOW-UP: We are all admonished to reach out to people that we have not seen in church for a while, to check on them and strengthen them in the faith. If you know any member that may be challenged, please bring such information to the notice of the church authority.

WINNING FOUNDATION SCHOOL: The February 2020 session will hold on Sunday 16th after the service. All our new members are admonished to attend this class. Remember, it is what you know that makes you to become known.

HOLY GHOST BAPTISM: This will hold on Sunday 16th of February. Everyone that has not been baptised in the HOLY GHOST with the evidence of speaking in tongues should make every effort to attend.

WATER BAPTISM: Anyone that has not been baptised in water by immersion to fulfil all righteousness of the kingdom should register with the ushers. It will hold on Saturday 28th of March. All our new members are encouraged to register. Further details will be given at the point of registration.

GOOD NEWS! ENLISTMENT INTO FULL-TIME PASTORAL SERVICE WITHIN THIS MINISTRY in pursuit of the church planting mandate for the year 2020 has begun. Interested candidates are to check the Church websites to fill necessary forms.

NEXT SUNDAY SERVICE: Sunday 9th of February 2020 shall be our Covenant day of Marital Breakthrough and Monthly Communion Service. Be spiritually prepared for an encounter with the Lord. Ensure all your contacts, neighbours, colleagues and families come to worship. Time is 10am.
There are special times of prayers for church members every Sunday:
Hour of Encounter holds at 9:30am & Hour of Dominion at 12:15pm.


Recommended books of the month authored by Dr David Oyedepo are:

Turnaround Power of the Word

Following the path of the Eagle

The Force of Freedom

Born to Win

(They are available in our bookshop and you may also acquire them here