GOOD NEWS! Today Sunday 12th of May 2019 is our Divine Favour Banquet and Special Monthly Communion Service. Get set for an encounter that will birth your unquestionable dominion in every area of life. You are welcome!


PRAISE GOD!!! The post resurrection appearance of The Resurrected Christ according to Acts 1:3 continues till May 31st. He appeared unto many with infallible proofs, satisfying their desires, please make the most of this season for your dominion testimonies.


COVENANT HOUR OF PRAYER: holds in the church hall on Mondays to Fridays from 6am to 7am, and on Saturdays from 10am to 11am.


MIDWEEK SERVICE: Our Midweek Teaching and Communion Service holds this Wednesday. We shall be waiting on the Lord in fasting and prayer for our desired dominion both as a church and individuals and coming to break our fast with communion. Time is 7pm


WINNERS SATELLITE FELLOWSHIP (WSF): The next WSF meeting comes up on Saturday 18th of May from 5pm to 6pm. Every Winner must belong to a WSF centre. Please check the bulletin to locate the nearest one to you.


GOOD NEWS! FIRST-TIMERS BANQUET: This will hold on Sunday 25th of June 2015. It is a platform where we introduce and get to know all our new members. Everyone that joined the church in the last 12 months is cordially invited. It shall be a time of fun and merriment. Further information will be announced soon.


WINNING FOUNDATION SCHOOL: The May 2019 session will hold next Sunday the 19th after the service. Remember, it is what you know that makes you to become known.


HOLY GHOST BAPTISM:  For this month will hold on Sunday 19th. Everyone that has not been baptised in the HOLY GHOST with the evidence of speaking in tongues should make every effort to attend.


SUNDAY PRAYER SESSIONS: Be reminded that HOUR OF ENCOUNTER our pre-service prayer session holds every Sunday from 9:15am – 9:50am and HOUR OF DOMINION our kingdom advancement prayer session holds after the service at 12.30pm.


WATER BAPTISM:  Anyone that has not been baptised in water by immersion to fulfill all righteousness is encouraged to register with the ushers. It will hold on Saturday 25th. Further details will be given at the point of registration.


NEXT SUNDAY SERVICE: Sunday 19th of May 2019 shall be our Turnaround Banquet and Special Monthly Anointing Service. Be spiritually prepared for an encounter with the Lord. Ensure all your contacts and souls of Operation Rescue, friends, neighbours, colleagues and families come to worship. Time is 10am. 




Recommended books of the month authored by Dr David Oyedepo are

  1. Understanding Vision
  2. Understanding Divine Direction
  3. In Pursuit of Vision
  4. The Breakthrough Power of Vision

(You may also acquire any of the listed titles online.)