1. The prophetic theme for this month is “GODLINESS IS PROFITABLE UNTO ALL THINGS” – 1 Tim. 4:8

2. MIDWEEK SERVICE: This holds every Wednesday with Teaching and Communion Service. We shall be waiting on the Lord in fasting and prayer. Please note that the midweek service will still be streamed online from our District Church. Please connect to Birmingham YouTube platform. Time is 6pm.

3. WINNERS SATELLITE FELLOWSHIP (WSF): Our WSF meeting holds every Saturday from 5pm to 6pm. Every Winner must belong to a WSF centre. Please check here to locate the nearest to your house.

4. Zoom meeting for Teenagers and for kids every Sunday @5.00pm. Please get the details on our WhatsApp platforms. Please encourage your children to be a part and they will be greatly blessed.

5. NEXT SUNDAY SERVICE: Next Sunday 27th of September 2020 is our End of the month thanksgiving and dedication service tagged, “COVENANT DAY OF RESTORATION”. Be spiritually prepared for an encounter with the Lord.

We shall have 2 services. 1st Service: 9.00 am; 2nd Service: 11.00am. Visit here to register.

Please endeavour to come well before the start of service to allow proper arrangement.

The services will be streamed live on our Zoom platform. Please get the details on our WhatsApp platforms.

6. Ways to Give:

  • Online @ winners-chapel.org.uk/giving
  • Cheque: payable to WMA-WCI
  • Telephone: call the church telephone number (07526721862)
  • Bank Transfer (see details below).

—Acct Name: World Mission Agency-Winners Chapel International

—-Sort Code: 40-02-17

—-Account Number: 41638009

—-Reference: Church Location+Donation Type eg Milton Keynes – Tithes

For cash offerings, there will be a basket at the door after the service.

8. Recommended books of the month are:

  • Walking in the Newness of Life
  • Conquering Controlling Powers
  • The Blood Triumph

They are available to pre-order by telephone in our bookshop on 07526721862 and also available here

8. Lastly, we are admonished to follow all the guidance for safety in our gatherings as set in the Community Behaviour Agreement which is posted on the church website.