SUNDAY PRAYER SESSIONS : Be reminded that HOUR OF ENCOUNTER our pre-service prayer session holds every Sunday from 9:15am – 9:50am and HOUR OF DOMINION  our kingdom advancement prayer session holds after the service at 12.30

COVENANT HOUR OF PRAYER: holds in the church hall on Mondays to Fridays from 6am to 7am, and on Saturdays from 10am to 11am.

Operation Rescue enters it’s final week . We are admonished to effectively engage in   Operation Rescue prayer and soul winning endeavours. We must passionately compel souls into the kingdom and into this church as we go about our daily business both in the morning and evening gospel raid. There will be 1 Hour  prayer session  running  concurrently with personal soul wining endeavours across our harvest field. Time is 6-7pm. Please note that, we shall have mass  outreach on Saturday to round off Operation Rescue after the ChoP at 11am.. OPERATION RESCUE IS A DONE DEAL AND MARCH 31st IS A REALITY!!!

MID WEEK TEACHING AND COMMUNION SERVICE: hold this Wednesday the 27th of March 2019 We shall be waiting on the Lord in fasting and prayer for our desired dominion both as a church and individuals, and coming to break our fast with communion. Time is 7pm

WINNERS SATELLITE FELLOWSHIP (WSF): The next WSF meeting comes up on Saturday 30th March 2019 from 5pm to 6pm. Every Winner must belong to a WSF centre. Please check the bulletin to locate the nearest one to you.

WOFBI: The Word Of Faith Bible Institute will be running the Leadership Diploma Course (LDC) from Monday 8th to Saturday 13th April 2019. This is the first LDC in WCI MK and the only session for the year 2019. All those who have completed their LCC are encouraged to make plans to attend for unforgettable encounters.  Application forms can be obtained from the Ushers.

WATER BAPTISM: The March 2019 session will hold 0n Saturday 30th. Anyone that has not been baptised in water by immersion to fulfil all righteousness is encouraged to register with the ushers. Further details will be given at the point of registration.

MESSAGING CHURCH MEMBERS: Please note that all communication from the church will now be via WhatsApp using mobile number +44 7526 721862. Everyone is encouraged to save this number on their mobile phones today.

VACANCIES: World Mission Agency – Winners Chapel International is currently seeking to recruit into the following positions: Finance & Admin Asst. Officer, WCI Luton- Part-time and  PA to the Head of Mission. (Full Time).Details about the roles are on the Church’s website

NEXT SUNDAY SERVICE: Sunday 31st March 2019 shall be our Encounter With Destiny and and End of month thanksgiving and Dedication Service. We shall be returning to give God thanks for all the blessings of the month and the reality of Operation Rescue. Be spiritually prepared for an encounter with the Lord. Ensure all your contacts and souls of Operation Rescue, friends, neighbours, colleagues and families come to worship. Time is 10am. 

HEALING SERVICE: By divine signal, Healing School will no longer hold on Tuesdays, it will henceforth take place as a separate service on Sunday’s at 12:30pm in the main auditorium. Please encourage everyone afflicted and oppressed with sicknesses and diseases to come for the healing touch of Jesus the great physician. This is effective from Sunday 31st March 2019.

Recommended books of the month authored by Dr David Oyedepo are

  • *Unlimited Power of Faith
  • The Breakthrough Power of Faith
  • Exploits of Faith
  • Born to Win


(You may also acquire any of the listed titles online.)