Mouth-watering Miracle Job via the Ongoing 21-Day Prayer and Fasting!

‘At Shiloh 2020, among other things, I asked God to change my level by giving me a mouth-watering, ear tingling, and hand sweating miracle job with a multinational firm. After the event, I uploaded my profile online, and without applying for a job, I was contacted by a multinational company. They said that my profile was in line with what they were looking for; so, I started the interview process. When the ongoing 21-day prayer and fasting began, I engaged vigorously with all my heart, praying only kingdom advancement prayers for one hour every day. On the second day of the fast, I did my last interview online and expected a positive result. On the third day, While Bishop David Oyedepo made declarations, he said that some people would get their miracle jobs the next day, and I shouted “Amen!” That night, when I got back, I prayed for the kingdom again and decreed that I would get my appointment letter before I woke up. Lo and Behold, I woke up the next day and saw my appointment letter. Now, I am paid in dollars per hour, and it is six times my previous salary. I work from the comfort of my home and without stress. I return all the glory to God!’ — Abraham Elijah

  • Borrowing and Drug Addiction Terminated via Prayer and Fasting!

‘For many years, I was addicted to smoking, and I have done all I could to no avail. However, during the 21-day prayer and fasting in 2019, I declared that enough was enough. I sought and studied enough materials and Scriptures about effective fasting and prayer for a result. On the 3rd day, while having my mid-day prayers in a hidden place at work, my mouth suddenly went very dried, there was no single drop of saliva. I was scared and wanted to run out to my colleagues, but suddenly I heard a sound like a hollow vessel out of my mouth, and soon saliva returned to my mouth. I did not understand what happened, but from that moment till this day, I still could not remember if I ever smoked a cigarette in my life. All memories are erased off, and I am back in good health. As if that was not enough, I usually borrow money, however, during the 21-day prayer and fasting in 2020, I listed that in my prayer request and told God to stop this habit in my life.  Lo and behold, I completed all my projects, including a new house, in 2020, stress free and without borrowing.  Suddenly, I realised some of those money lenders stopped being my friends again. I return all the glory to God almighty!’ — Fidelis Ufoh

Supernatural Turnaround after Joining this Commission!


‘For twenty-five years, I was addicted to smoking Indian hemp and other related drugs. Meanwhile, I started this habit when I was in secondary school, and as a result, when I graduated from university, there was no result to show. My life had no balance and I was stagnated in my business. I desired a change, and so, I went from one church to another, but it all proved abortive. However, one day, while I was in the area I used to smoke, a woman came to me and invited me to church. I deliberately asked her the name of her church, and she said Living Faith Church, a spirit said to me, “You have to follow her if you want to come out of your struggle in life.” So, I decided to follow her the following Sunday. That day, I gave my life to Christ, and then I felt a burden lifted from my head, and I became lighter in weight.

Thereafter, I stopped smoking, and the zeal to be in the house of God started increasing in my life. Also, I started to fast and pray. When those around me saw me, they wondered what was going on with my life, and I told them I had met Jesus Christ. Before Shiloh 2020 started, I distributed Shiloh flyers from one Bus stop to the other and engaged in high praises at midnight, and I did with all my heart. On 8th December, my miracle started. While distributing the Shiloh flyers, a young man came to me and invited me to a foreign business seminar and training. While he said the programme was ongoing, he gave me the address and asked me to go immediately. Then the Holy Spirit told me to act and do whatever he told me to do. So, I went to the seminar with my Bible in my hands. When I got to the venue, I was told that the first ten persons to arrive early was entitled to a gift pack, and I was the ninth person. I was given a pack and mine was bigger than others. Among the items in the pack was 1000 dollars. Thereafter, with that amount, I started doing business with this foreign and multinational company. Truly, God is here. I return all the glory to Him!’  — Temitope Timothy Idowu

  • Healed via Encounter!

‘For so many years, I had congestion in my chest, and as a result, it affected my respiratory system. However, in 2018, during the 21-day prayer and fasting, I encountered God through His Word in Isaiah 53:4, 1 Peter 2:24, and through some anointed books. Then God showed up! In a single sweep, he took away the congestion in my chest. He also cleared away every symptom of hepatitis B. Now, I am made whole. I give God all the glory!’ — Wole O. T.

Family Deliverance via 21-Day Prayer and Fasting!

‘My life had been full of struggles and difficulties because a man in my family swore that no one would raise his head. As a result of a disease, my sister died, and within two weeks, her twin children also died. Four months later, my elder brother’s wife died because the wicked man requested her friendship, and she refused. Before then, whenever she got pregnant, she had a miscarriage, and this happened three consecutive times before she passed on. By divine direction, I decided to travel to my hometown and then my uncle’s wife told me that the same wicked man said no man in the family would surpass him even in his poverty state, including me. I have done all I could to rise, but all efforts proved abortive. However, during the last 21-day prayer and fasting, Bishop David Oyedepo instructed we observe our prayers day and night. I obeyed, and every night, my wife and I cried to God with all our hearts, using the Word of God. On the third day of the fast, after the Bishop led us in prayers, he declared that we would hear news. As I got home that night, my phone rang. Lo and behold, I was told the tormentor that sat on everyone’s destiny had died. I return the glory to God!’ Philips O.

  • Healed of Umbilical Hernia and Severe Pains via the Communion!

‘For twenty years, I suffered severe stomach ache; the pains occurred at any time and when it did, I cried while holding my stomach. I went to several hospitals before it was diagnosed as umbilical hernia. Several treatments were administered and surgeries conducted, but the pains persisted. One day, I visited my brother, who is a member of this Church, and that day, the pains came as usual. However, my brother told me to resist the devil and he would flee, which I did. I also joined the 21-day fasting and prayer programme. During one of the evening services, I prayed as I partook of the Communion saying, “This will be my final bus stop.” Since then, I have not experienced any form of pain. I give God all the glory!’ Grace James

I Am Now an Employer of Labour!

‘After graduating from the University in 2011, I got good jobs but before three months, I was laid off for no reason. After my wedding in 2015, things became so difficult for my family. We could barely feed as my husband was in between jobs, and his business was stagnated. In 2018, during the 21-day prayer and fasting, while ministering in one of the services, Bishop David Oyedepo said that every Christian has a responsibility if he wants a change. Then I knew I had to do something for the change I desired in my career. While I vigorously engaged in the 21-day prayer and fasting, I read a book authored by the Bishop; titled, Born to Win. Immediately after the spiritual exercise, God showed up!  I got a good job, and two weeks later, my husband also got a good job. As if that was not enough, within four months, God gave me a business idea. In the first month, I got a contract worth millions of naira. Thereafter, I resigned to concentrate on my business. Now, I am an employer of labour. I give God all the glory!’ — Oluchi. E

  • Conception via Kingdom Advancement Prayer!

‘We got married on 10th May, 2014, and ever since, we believed God for the fruit of the womb. At a point, we were considering IVF, which we were not sure was the solution. I had a series of infection, which kept re-occurring, and it made me gave up on the doctors. Despite the situation, our feet were stayed on the solid rock of God’s Word. We determined to remain childless than visit any strange place. Also, we keyed into all the prophetic declarations from the altar and violently engaged in kingdom advancement endeavours. However, when the 21-day prayer and fasting began in 2017, I initially prayed for my needs, but in one of the services, Bishop David Oyedepo emphasised the blessedness in praying for the Kingdom. So, while we began to pray fervently and passionately for the Kingdom, we kept taking a shot of the Anointing Oil every night. After the second One Night with the King Service, my husband told me to go for a pregnancy test. Lo and behold, for the first time in three years and seven months, the test was positive. We went to a lab to confirm, and it was still positive. God bless the Bishop, and God bless that fateful day he accepted the call of God. I return all the glory to God Almighty!’ Comfort A.

Lump Disappeared via the Communion!

‘In December 2019, I felt an excruciating pain in my right breast. At first, I ignored it; but when the pain continued, I decided to tell my mother, and she gave me a pain-relieving drug. After taking the medication, the situation remained the same. Some days later, I noticed there was a lump in my breast, and the pain kept increasing. It got so bad that I started to cry because it also made movement and lying down difficult for me. However, when the 21-day prayer and fasting began, I prayed about it all through. On 10th May, 2020, I woke up feeling very feverish, but we connected online to the service at home and I kept telling God my healing would be established in that service. When the Communion was blessed, I partook of it, and I felt a sudden chill in my body. Immediately, the pains and the lump disappeared. I give God all the glory!’

  • 7-Year Barrenness Terminated!

‘After we got married in 2009, we trusted God for the fruit of the womb. However,when the Wonder Double Prophetic Agenda was flagged off, we engaged willingly and diligently. On Saturdays, we went out for souls and brought them into Church. One of the Sundays, my husband and I brought in more than ten souls to Church, and I had to leave our car to join the Church bus in order to bring in our converts. In January 2016, during the 21-day prayer and fasting, we continued to engage diligently and on 24th January, 2016, being the last day of the fast, Bishop David Oyedepo said, “If anyone comes to Church next Sunday with a new soul and he/she is not visited, then I am not sent.” I obeyed, and the following week, I was confirmed pregnant for the first time after seven years. Thereafter, the enemy struck, and I started seeing blood. However, we kept declaring God’s Word and began to tell friends and families that God had done it. Despite the medical reports of miscarriage and fibroids, I took a step of faith and registered for antenatal. At that visit, a 14-week old fetus was seen. On 14th December that same year, God blessed us with a bouncing baby boy, and in 2018, He blessed us with another baby boy. To God be the glory!’ — Tolulope and Oluwaseun Aina

Miracle Jobs via 21-Day Prayer and Fasting!

‘When the year 2020 began, my family and I entered the year with lots of confusion and debts. At our respective places of work, we were deprived of some benefits. However, when the 21-day prayer and fasting began, my husband and I engaged actively in praying kingdom advancement prayers. Few weeks after the fast, things began to take a new turn. God began to stir up people for our sake, including those we do not know. My husband and I got better jobs with better salaries, including remuneration packages, and we were able to clear off our debts.  I also had a major health challenge that was supposed to cost me millions of naira to treat,  but God took control supernaturally. I give God all the glory!’ Opeyemi Olu

  • The God That Answers Question Has Answered Me!

‘For ten years, I trusted God for marital settlement. While people mocked me, I became a prayer project to some. However, the more they mocked, the more I served God. During the Breaking Marital Spell Classes at Shiloh, Bishop Aremu asked us to choose our wedding dates, and I chose April 16. Then he said, “Even if you don’t get married that day, something will happen.” Thereafter, during the 21-day prayer and fasting, Bishop David Oyedepo told us to segment the 21-day into three days each and ask God specific questions. I did, and one major question I asked God was “Why am I not married?” To my surprised, God answered and said, “Camp with me.” Some days later, the Bishop asked us to camp with God and separate ourselves. So, four days to the end of spiritual exercise, I came to Canaanland to camp and the following day, God connected me to my husband. The following week, he called and asked me to marry him. Meanwhile, he did not have marriage in his mind in the next two years because of his last experience. However, we were gloriously and colourfully married. I return all the glory to God that answers questions!’ — Lawrence Adenike

                                                                        Jesus is Lord!

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